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The Children’s Well-Being Foundation has expanded its services and increased the number of undeserved children it treats in Costa Rica. Our services are desperately needed across the country, especially within rural areas where people don't have access to urban clinics. 

In June 2016, we launched the fully operational CWB Mobile Health Clinic.

The CWB Mobile Health Clinic is equipped for medical visits and will expand our reach to several other large precarios where there are large, underserved populations where it is too expensive to safely manage permanent clinics. 

The CWB Mobile Health Clinic allows us to reach rural areas and provide care to thousands of children who otherwise would have fallen through the cracks of their healthcare  system. We provide primary care services, eye exams, and psychological services.

After offering services in the CWB Mobile Health Clinic, we have successfully doubled the number of children we are able to treat.

To be fully operational and serve the most possible number of undeserved children and their families we estimate we need about $1,500 per weekAny amount will help us operate the new Mobile Health Clinic. Thank you!!!

Update From: Jean Carlo Brenes, CWB Executive Director, Costa Rica

"In July I did a trip to visit the GuaymĂ­ tribe in the indigenous area near the border with Panama. The trip was a complete success. I was able to visit 8 different schools that are supported by CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network). Potentially we have 450 kids in total. 

The problem here is the access to the area, we drove from San Jose for about 5 hours, and them we had a horseback ride for 3 and a 1/2 hours more. There are no facilities to sleep, we will have one shelter for the doctors to sleep. We will have to bring sleeping bags or portable bed for the crew. But we will need to make a full week clinics to be able to cover as much indigenous kids as possible.

The idea is to make a trip with doctors by the end of September."

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